How to Set up a Lightbox Overlay


A lightbox overlay is an overlay that appears on top of the page’s content while it dims the rest of the webpage and makes it inactive. Thus, the Overlay attracts the full attention of website visitors. With Picreel, setting up a lightbox overlay is straightforward, allowing you to highlight special offers announcements or gather email subscriptions easily.


Lightbox overlay helps you unlock the following benefits:


  • Highlight Offers: Shine a spotlight on special deals or announcements to grab visitor attention.
  • Boost Subscriptions: Convert more site visitors into email subscribers with a compelling call to action.
  • Engage Visitors: Provide a focused message to engage visitors directly, improving the user experience.


Here’s an example of what a lightbox popup looks like:


Preview of a Picreel Lightbox Overlay


To Set Up a Lightbox Overlay


Step 1: Go to your dashboard, navigate to 'Campaigns,' and click '+New Campaign' to choose "Create Using Templates."


creatign a new campaign using templates


Step 2: Choose a Template

  • Select 'Lightbox' to view the available templates.
  • Hover over a template to preview or customize it, then click ‘Customize’ to tailor it to your needs.


customize lightbox overlay template


Step 3: Customize Your Overlay,

  • Use the Campaign builder on the left to click on elements you wish to customize (like text, images, and buttons) and make your changes.
  • Click ‘Save’ once you're done with the design.


campaign builder


Step 4: Set Up URL Redirection

  • Within the button element's text editor, select "Submit and Redirect."
  • In the popup, enter your desired redirect URL and click save.


Note: Since your Overlay has a link to redirect users to your promotional page, make sure you enter the redirect link as shown below before proceeding to the targeting page.



Step 5: Configure Campaign Settings


Modify the three broad sections to set up targeting preferences for the Overlay.


Finalizing the target settings of the lightbox overlay


Step 6: Click ‘Save’ on the top right to finalize the changes.


Learn more about the campaign settings in Picreel.


That is all about setting up a lightbox overlay in Picreel.



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