How to Set up a Lightbox Overlay


Picreel lets you promote special offers or convey your message in an obvious way through lightbox overlays.


For beginners, a lightbox overlay is an overlay that appears on top of the page’s content while it dims the rest of the webpage and makes it inactive. Thus, attracting the full attention of website visitors to the overlay.


Lightbox overlay helps you unlock the following benefits:


1. Ideal way to make important announcements or promote special offers

2. Effectively convert more visitors into email subscribers


Here’s an example of what a lightbox pop-up looks like:


Preview of a Picreel Lightbox Overlay


To set up a lightbox overlay:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard.

  • Click on ‘+New Campaign.


Navigating to the Lightbox Overlay template section


Step 2: On this page,

  • Click on ‘Lightbox’ to open the collection of predefined Lightbox overlay templates.

  • Hover the cursor on any template to choose to preview or customize it.

  • Click ‘Customize’ to edit it as per your requirements.


Selecting a pre-made Lightbox Exit-intent Overlay design to customize


Step 3: On the editing page,

  • Click on any element on the left panel to customize the lightbox overlay as per your preferences.

  • Once done, click ‘Save’ to proceed further.


Editing various elements of the Lightbox Overlay


Note: Since your overlay has a link to redirect users to your promotional page, make sure you enter the redirect link as shown below before proceeding to the targeting page.


Adding the redirection link for the button on the Lightbox Overlay


Step 4: On the campaign settings page,


Modify the three broad sections to set up targeting preferences for the overlay


Finalizing the target settings of the lightbox overlay


Step 5:  Click ‘Save’ on the top-right to finalize the changes.


That is all about setting up a lightbox overlay in Picreel.



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