How to Create a 'Two Inputs and Image' Website Overlay


Learn how to create a 'Two Inputs and Image' overlay to collect user information efficiently and enhance your contact list. This overlay simplifies data collection for better insights and retargeting.


Benefits of creating 'two inputs and image' overlays:


1. Collect more information about visitors

2. Improve retargeting to have a better conversion rate


Here's what a 'two inputs and image' overlay would look like:


two inputs and image overlay


To Create a 'Two Inputs and Image' Website Overlay


Step 1: Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the "Campaigns" section. Click the "+New Campaign" button to initiate the overlay creation process.


new campaign


Step 2: Adding image to the campaign

  • Provide a unique name for your campaign.
  • Select "Elements" to display the available elements.
  • Click on "Image" to insert an image into your overlay.


Step 3: Select an image from your existing library or upload a new one. Recent images will be displayed in the image upload window for your convenience.


upload image


Step 4: Add Fields for User Information

  • After adding the image, click the "+Add New Field" button.
  • Select the "Name" and "Email" fields to collect these details from your visitors.


add fields

Step 5: You can also mark the fields as required. 


make field required


You've successfully created a 'Two Inputs and Image' website overlay. You can now proceed to the target settings.


That is all about creating a 'two inputs and image' website overlay. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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