Email timer: boost email conversions

Picreel can create Email Timers. Paste these timers into your email campaigns to cretae urgency for higher engagement. 


Set up Email Timers: 

Click on the Campaigns category on the left side of your screen.

Click the Add Campaign button at the top. 

Choose overlay type -- Email Timer.


Use interface to customize your email timer. 

You can choose style, start / end time, colors. 



When you're done, hit Get timer URL. Then, click Save

Timer will appear in the list of your campaigns. 


When you click Get timer URL, 

a code of your timer will be copied. 

You need to paste it in code version of your email campaign. Simply, paste the code where you want your timers to appear. 

Most email tools in the web have this option -- to view HTML version of your email. See an example below: