How to Set up a Mobile Campaign in Picreel


Picreel facilitates an easy mobile pop-up campaign set up to help you target mobile customers in a user-friendly way.

Watch this quick video to learn how to create a mobile pop-up campaign in Picreel in minutes.



Or continue reading to learn it step-by-step.


By setting up mobile campaigns, you can:

1. Expand the reach of your campaigns

2. Increase customer retention and conversion rates


Here’s what a mobile overlay will look like:


Mobile pop-up campaign Preview


To set up a mobile pop-up campaign in Picreel:


Step 1: Creating a New Campaign


In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard

  • Click on the ‘Add Campaign’ button on the top-right of your screen.


Creating a New Mobile Pop-up Campaign



Step 2: Selecting the Overlay

  • Choose ‘Mobile’ in the ‘Select Overlay’ menu.

  • Select a template by clicking on ‘Customize.

  • You will be automatically redirected to the ‘Edit Design’ section.


Selecting an overlay for mobile pop up campaign


Step 3: Customizing the Template

  • You can modify the default overlay according to your requirements.


Here are the following elements you can edit:


Editing the mobile pop-up campaign overlay



You can easily change the background color, text color, and heading colors.



You can change the overlay text by editing the respective fields.



You can set up action after the user’s response to the pop-up and choose to show a message for the desired time. You can also select pop-up animation as well as decide the position on the screen. You may choose to hide the close button of a pop-up.



You can select from a range of font styles and also modify their size.


Advanced modifications - Customizing your offer.

To access advanced modifications of the offered designs, please, click on HTML/CSS Editor. Here, you may add additional fields and buttons.


  • Click the ‘Save’ button at the top of the screen.


Step 4: Managing Campaign Settings


Next, on the ‘Target Campaign’ page,

  • Insert the URL where the offer should be active. You may apply for it entire website by inserting the link into the ‘Apply campaign for the whole site’ field.

  • Alternatively, you may activate or deactivate the campaign on a specific page(s) by clicking the ‘Add URL’ button.


Applying the campaign for entire website or selected pages


  • Click the green arrow next to the ‘WHEN OVERLAY APPEARS’ to modify targeting options.

  • Under ‘Trigger Options,’ adjust the settings to choose when the overlay appears.


Enabling the trigger options


  • Check ‘Exclude homepage from the timed popup’ if you do not want to show the overlay on your homepage.


Excluding homepage from timed pop-up


  • Also, you need to choose ‘Mobile’ as a Device type under the ‘Other options’ section.


Choosing the right device type


  • Click the ‘Save’ button at the top of the screen.

  • For better performance, we recommend including the following line after the opening tag:


<meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" name="viewport"/>


NOTE: If you set up a campaign for mobile devices and desktops, make sure that the correct device type has been selected. In Device Type, Choose ‘Mobile’ for mobile campaigns. To display your campaigns on desktops, select ‘Desktop.’ You can also choose a tablet as a device type, either solo or in combination with the Desktop. 


That is all about creating a mobile campaign in Picreel.



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