How to Set Overlay for a Specific Page


Target specific pages with pop-up overlays in Picreel to tailor your promotions and analyze page-specific traffic for better results.


Use Case: Imagine you run an e-commerce site. You want to offer a discount pop-up only on your "Special Offers" page and exclude it from product pages.


By setting overlays for a specific page, you can:


1. Targeted Promotions: Promote offers relevant to specific page content.
2. In-Depth Analysis: Analyze visitor behavior on pages with pop-up overlays.


To Set Overlay for a Specific Page


Step 1: Login to your Picreel dashboard, and click ‘Campaigns’ on the side panel. Find the campaign you want to customize and click on 'Settings.'


campaign  settings


Step 2: On the campaign settings page,

  • In the campaign settings page, navigate to 'Basic Settings.'

  • You can choose to apply a campaign for the whole site or some pages by picking the right combination. Mention the word relating to a page where you wish to show/hide the pop-up.

  • Click ‘Save’ to finalize your changes.


campaign settings


Defining Page Targeting


  • Contains: Display on URLs containing a specific term (e.g., "blog"). For example, if you put "blog" in the field, the overlay fires on and other links that have "blog" in it.
  • Does not contain: Exclude certain URLs (e.g., specific blog articles).
  • Equals: Show the overlay on specific URLs (e.g., "product/checkout"). For example, you can insert in the field.
  • Does not equal: Avoid showing the overlay on specific URLs


The following example may help you better understand when you want to set an overlay for a specific page:


Activate the campaign on a specific page(s) by clicking the ‘Add URL’ button. In the dropdown menu, you may choose where to show or hide your campaign.


For example, your website address is "” You want to show your pop-up only to blog readers at "" and don’t want to show it on specific blog articles -- ",".


Here’s what the configuration should look like:


Configuring overlay for specific pages


That's it! You've successfully set up an overlay for a specific page.


That is all about setting up an overlay on a specific page. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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