How to Create a 'One-Button' & 'Two-Button' Overlays in Picreel


Picreel's pop-ups are a powerful tool to enhance your marketing campaigns. Learn how to create both "One-Button" and "Two-Button" overlays with ease.


With an overlay, you can:

  • Display personalized product recommendations
  • Boost your conversion rates with the right pop-up
  • Pull visitor’s data like age, gender, & interests
  • Provide first-time visitors with the proper assistance
  • Ask for their queries
  • Direct them to relevant links


Here’s what the overlay looks like on your website:

"One-Button" Overlay


   One button overlay preview


"Two-Button" Overlay


'two button' overlay preview


In this article, you’ll learn:


1.  Creating a "one-button" overlay

2.  Creating a "two-button" overlay


How to Create a "One-Button" Overlay


Step 1: In your dashboard, Navigate to Campaigns > +New Campaign to create an overlay.




Note: You can also click on the dropdown arrow to choose to create an overlay from scratch or edit a predefined template.


Step 2: Customize a Template

  • Hover the cursor on a template to either preview or customize it.

  • Click Customize to start editing it.


select template


Step 3: Edit Your Template,

  • Select fields from the left panel to customize your template based on your requirements.

  • You can modify every element of the template to make it visually appealing for website visitors.


edit and customize one button overlay


  • Click Save to move to the next section.


proceed to settings


Step 4: Here, you can define your campaign settings,

  • Choose the website or parts of the website where you want the Picreel pop-up to appear.


Enabling the campaign settings for the one-button exit-intent overlay


  • You can further optimize your campaign's target settings by checking other options to perform better.


Tweaking the target settings of the website overlay


  • Click Save to finish setting up your "one-button" website overlay campaign.



How to Create a 'Two-Button' Overlay


Step 1: In your dashboard,

  • Navigate to Campaigns > +New Campaign.

  • Click "Two Buttons" on the next screen to choose your overlay type.

  • Select a template. Click Customize to start editing it.


Creating a new Two-button exit-intent overlay


Step 2: On the editing page,

  • Select elements on the left panel to customize as per your preferences, like "one-button" overlays.

  • Once done, click Settings to proceed to the campaign settings page.


two way button settings


Step 3: On the campaign settings page,


Tweaking the target settings of the website overlay


That is all about creating a "one-button" and "two-button" exit-intent pop-up campaign. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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