How to Analyze the Campaign Statistics on Dashboard


The first thing you see when you log in to Picreel is the insight-rich dashboard with various statistics. It is a highly effective place to assess the progress of your total activity on the platform. This page has information about the entire system, not just one campaign.


Pop-up statistics enable you to:


  1. Get an overview of key performance indicators such as total views, total impressions, and total conversions.

  2. Easily make decisions regarding pop-up campaigns


Here’s what your campaign statistics would look like:


Pop-up Campaign Statistics Page Overview


On your dashboard, you can see the statistics of all your pop-up campaigns.


At the top, you will find the 'General stats' section that will give an overview of the following:


Pop-up Statistics- General Stats


Visitors: The number of website visitors who viewed your page


Impressions: The number of times your exit pop-up displayed


Conversion rate: The number of conversions divided by the number of total impressions to indicate the performance of all your campaigns combined.


Conversions: The number of visitors who clicked on the exit pop-up or responded to it.

Next, you will find a graphical representation of the 'General stats' section. You can filter this data by day, week, or month.


Just select your filter and click 'Show.'


Pop-up Statistics Graphical View


Here are the following sections you will see:


Summary: It is a 3-in-1 line graph that shows 'Unique Visitors,' 'Impressions,' and 'Conversions' over time.


How many visitors viewed your page?: It shows the change in the number of visitors that viewed your page over a time period.


How many times has your pop-up been shown to visitors?: It helps you understand the number of times visitors saw your pop-up campaigns on the website.


How many visitors clicked on your popup or filled out your form?: It indicates the conversions you had through your exit intent pop-up.


That is all about analyzing Picreel pop-up campaigns’ statistics.



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