How to Redirect Website Traffic Using Overlays


Picreel lets you redirect your website visitors to pages containing seasonal offers or provide better product choices using overlays. To make it simple, users landing on a certain page can be presented with a ‘redirect traffic’ popup that has a link to another page where you want them to land next.


Benefits of guiding visitors to a link:


1. Help them make better product choices

2. Increase conversion rates by displaying relevant offers


Here's what a website overlay to redirect traffic would look like:


Preview of a website overlay to redirect traffic


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Redirect Website Visitors When Creating an Overlay Using a Template

2. How to Redirect Visitors When Creating an Overlay Using the Upload Design Method


 When Creating an Overlay Using Template


Step 1: Create a website overlay by picking a template.

Let's suppose you pick a "two buttons" template under the ‘Two Buttons’ section.


Choosing a website overlay template


Step 2: In the editor, open ‘Fields & Text’ on the left panel.


Accessing the 'Fields & Text' option on the left panel


Step 3: Enter the redirect URLs to guide visitors when clicking on the respective links.


Entering the respective URLs for both the buttons

Step 4: Click ‘Save’ on the top right to proceed to the campaign settings page.


 When Creating an Overlay Using the Upload Design Method


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Choose ‘Upload Design’ under the ‘Featured’ section.
  • Select ‘One button’ as the overlay type.


Adding the overlay name and selecting an overlay type


Step 2: Upload an image or select a pre-made design from the drop-down list.


upload image for campaign


Step 3: Drag the buttons to their respective places and resize them accordingly on the design.


Assigning the action buttons


Step 4: Enter the redirect URL in the space provided. Check the box to open the link in a separate window.


Entering the URL to redirect users to specific page


That is all about redirecting traffic using an overlay.



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