How to Create a Two-Step/Coupon Overlay


The Two-Step / Coupon premade design is a good choice if you want to collect customer data and show discounts ( or any special message ) on the second screen of the popup.


With two-step/coupon overlays, you can:


1. Boost conversion rates by asking users to follow a path

2. Provide a feeling of inclusivity to users by showing personalized offers


Here’s what the two-step/coupon will look like:


Two-step/Coupon Overlay Preview


To create a two-step/coupon overlay:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard.

  • Click on ‘+New Campaign.


Navigating to the Two-step/coupon overlays section


Note: The ‘Coupon’ overlay type has other predefined templates as well, such as Wheel of Fortune, Case Study, Collect Number, etc. You can pick any one of them and edit or use as is.


Step 2: On this page,

  • Click on ‘Coupon’ to open the collection of predefined coupon overlay templates.

  • Hover the cursor on a two-step template to choose to preview or customize it.

  • Click ‘Customize’ to begin its editing.


Selecting a two-step/coupon website overlay to edit


Step 3: On the ‘Edit Design’ page,

  • Click on any element on the left panel and modify it as per your needs.


Editing the two-step/coupon website overlay in the editor


  • Switch between Step 1 (where you collect customer data) and Step 2 (where you show the code). If you use Two-Step / Coupon, you may switch between the steps to preview the template.

  • Use the buttons highlighted in the image below to shuffle between the two steps.


Switching between the two steps as per needs


  • Click ‘Save’ to proceed to the settings page.


Step 4: On the Settings page,


You can edit the following sections:


Modifying the targeting settings of the two-step/coupon website overlay


Step 5: Click ‘Save’ to finalize your changes.

That is all about creating a two-step/coupon overlay.



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