Oracle Eloqua

Customer data that appears in Picreel can be automatically transferred to your Eloqua account.

Start with creating a form in Eloqua.



1. In the upper menu choose "Forms"

2. Click "Create a form". Then, "Basic form"

3. Drag fields that you'd like to collect (e.g. Contact Fields -> Email Address)

Now click on the added field.

Under "Advanced Settings" give it HTML name --  email. And choose "Text" as the data type. 

4. Save your form. 


Now we need to connect this form with Picreel popup. 



1. Open settings of the form. Click "View Form HTML". 

2. Copy the link to your form. It starts with https://. 

3. Go to Picreel account. Open Leads section on the left menu. Select Webhooks. Paste the link in the URL field. 

4. Select Picreel campaign you want to connect from the dropdown box. Paste the link next to it again. Click "Assign"

5. Check the boxes on the integration window. 


Now you simply need to paste a line of code into your Picreel popup. 



1. Go back to the settings of your Eloqua form. 

2. Copy "Required hidden fields for this form"

3. Go back to Picreel account. Hit "Design" next to your campaign. Open "HTML/CSS" tab at the top. 

4. Paste the data you copied in Picreel popup. 

5. Hit Save.