How to Connect Picreel With Oracle Eloqua


Connecting Picreel with Oracle Eloqua facilitates seamless marketing campaigns to target your audience and generate more leads & conversions.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with Oracle Eloqua:


1. Displays relevant content for your campaign

2. Offers focused customer customization for nurturing leads

3. Provides overall revenue and lifecycle tracking

4. Integration with a wide range of CRM/CMS platforms



To connect Picreel with Oracle Eloqua:


Step 1: Log in to your Oracle Eloqua account and choose 'Forms' in the upper menu.


Step 2: Click 'Create a form' >> 'Basic form.'


Step 3: Drag the fields that you'd like to collect (e.g., Contact Fields -> Email Address)


Step 4: Now click on the added field. Under "Advanced Settings," give it an HTML name -- email. Choose 'Text' as the data type.


Step 5: Save your form.


Creating a new Oracle Eloqua Form



To connect with Picreel: 


Step 1: Open Form Settings. Click 'View Form HTML.'


Step 2: Copy the link to your form. It starts with https://.


Pasting the link


Step 3: Log in to the Picreel account.

  • Open the 'Leads' section on the left menu.

  • Select 'Webhooks.'

  • Paste the link in the URL field.


Step 4: Select the Picreel campaign you want to connect from the drop-down list. Paste the link next to it again. Click 'Assign.'


Step 5: Click on 'Save.'


Picreel-Oracel Eloqua Integration Window



Now you simply need to paste a line of code into your Picreel popup.


Step 1: Get back to the settings of your Eloqua form.


Step 2: Copy "Required hidden fields for this form"


Step 3: In your Picreel account, go to your campaign's "Design" section. Open "HTML/CSS Editor."


Step 4: Paste the data you copied in the HTML editor.


Step 5: Click on 'Save.'


Pasting the relevant code in the HTML editor of your Picreel pop-up


You have successfully connected Picreel with Oracle Eloqua.



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