How to Integrate Picreel With Webhooks


Integrating Picreel with Webhooks assists in bridging the services between multiple software when trigger events occur.


It is an automated business process for generating leads.


E-commerce Use Case: An online store integrates Picreel with Webhooks to notify their CRM system whenever visitors abandon their cart, triggering an automated follow-up email with a discount offer.


Here's a short glimpse of how Picreel integration with Webhooks will work:


Benefits of setting up webhooks on your site using the Picreel campaign:


1. No core coding knowledge is required

2. It provides you with a secured integration, thus making it one of the most reliable ones

3. It backs off server requests exponentially

4. It can add different events and dispatch them to multiple providers


To integrate Picreel with Webhooks:


1. Go to Integrations on the left panel in your Picreel account.


Go to Integrations


2. Locate Webhook and click the toggle switch to enable the integration. A slider window will appear.


3. Paste the endpoint URL in the given field. Then, select the campaign from the list with which you want to collect visitor data and send it to a specific URL.


Note: You may require assistance from the developer to complete this step. Also, if you would like to test the webhook, go to Webhook Tester and copy-paste the unique Webhook URL.


Enable Webhooks integration, add the endpoint URL, and select the campaign whose data you want to send to the endpoint URL


4. Click Save to finish the setup.


Here’s how the data will appear on your endpoint URL whenever visitors respond to your selected campaign.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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