How to Integrate Picreel With GetResponse


Connecting Picreel to GetResponse lets you leverage the features of a leading email marketing software. You can send collected emails through website overlays automatically to the software. It can help you further engage the audience and nurture the leads generated with exit intent overlays.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with GetResponse:


1. Collect your visitor data to boost leads and sales

2. Save time and increase conversions with automated campaigns

3. Follow up with the existing visitors to increase conversions.


To connect Picreel with GetResponse:


Step 1: Log in to your Picreel account.


Step 2: Go to ‘Leads’ on the dashboard and click on ‘Mail Apps.


Navigating to Mail Apps from the Picreel dashboard


Step 3: In the integration overlay, select ‘GetResponse,’ and a form field will appear.


Filling in the form fields


Step 4: Open another tab in your browser and log in to your GetResponse account.


Creating a form


Step 5: In the dashboard, click on ‘Create form.


Step 6: Select a template from the ‘List Builder wizard’ or create a custom HTML form.


Step 7: Customize your form with the required fields and click on ‘Publish.


Step 8: Copy the ‘uparameter and the ‘webform ID’ from the URL generated.


Copying the u parameter and webform ID from the URL generated


Step 9: Get back to the Picreel tab and fill in the required fields. Click on ‘Save.


You have successfully connected Picreel with GetResponse.



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