How to Integrate Picreel With Your Wix Website


Learn how to seamlessly integrate Picreel with your Wix website to analyze user activity, enhance conversions, and deliver relevant offers. Follow these straightforward steps.


Use Case: Imagine you run an online store using Wix and want to boost your sales. By integrating Picreel, you can target users effectively and increase conversions.


Benefits of integrating Picreel with Wix:

1. Boost conversions for your site

2. Use a wide range of preset templates to enhance your campaign format

3. Display relevant offers to the right user


To Integrate Picreel With a Wix Website


Step 1: Sign in to your Wix account.


Signing in your Wix account


Step 2: Click on ‘Edit Site,’ and a new tab will open.


Clicking on 'Edit site.'


Step 3: In the Wix Dashboard, click on 'Edit Site.' A new tab will open.


Opening the editor


Step 4: A screen overlay will appear; select ‘Switch to Editor


Switching to the Editor mode


Step 5: Embed the Picreel Widget

  • On the left side, click the 'Add button (+)'.
  • Select 'Embed.'
  • Then, choose 'Embed a Widget.'


Following the steps to embed a widget into your Wix website


Step 6: Configure the Widget


Pasting the javascript code copied from the Picreel account to complete the integration of Picreel with Wix


Step 7: Click on ‘Update.


You've successfully connected Picreel with your Wix website. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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