How to Integrate Picreel with Salesforce


Capture leads easily by integrating Picreel with Salesforce. This integration creates contacts in Salesforce when users submit their emails through Picreel popups on your website, offering a robust solution for automated lead management. 


NOTE: Ensure your targeted campaigns are enabled before proceeding with the integration. Only those campaigns that are enabled will be reflected in the list.




  • Get instant updates for captured leads as they are seamlessly transferred to your Salesforce dashboard.

  • Track and analyze your campaign performance

  • Gain comprehensive insights into customer behavior and preferences


Whenever a lead is generated via Picreel popup, the user details will be available like this in the Salesforce dashboard:


captured lead in salesforce dashboard


Let's explore the key steps to optimize this integration.


To Integrate Picreel With Salesforce


Step 1: In the dashboard, go to Integration and enable the toggle for Salesforce.


enable salesforce integration


Step 2: Enabling this will take you to the Salesforce login screen. Enter your Username and Password to log in.


salesforce login


If you log in for the first time or try to log in from another device/browser, you’ll receive a security code in your verified email account. 


NOTE: You must have Salesforce admin credentials or specific permissions to log in successfully.


Step 3: You’ll be redirected to the Integrations page after successfully logging in. Click “Manage.” to proceed with the integration.


manage salesforce integration


 Step 4: Under Add Campaigns, select your campaign from the list and close the screen overlay


add campaign


Your Salesforce integration is now set up. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.


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