Use dynamic onsite text

Personalize your popups with dynamic content from your site

You can surprise your web visitors with a simple popup offering 10% discount? Sure, it’s effective – your conversion rate goes up or your list growths.

But should you stop right there?

What if I tell you that you can have dynamic content on your popup? It can change depending on who’s browsing your site. It can be name of a visitor who’s logged in, product in a cart, location, etc. – any text element on your site.

You can now configure dynamic content in your Picreel pop ups in just a few clicks! Text on your popup changes automatically depending on what appears on your site.


Add an element from your site to your Picreel design

Open Design section of your campaign.

Find a place in Fields where you want to personalize content. Paste CSS selector of an element that you want to use on a popup. You may need some help from a developer to do this. Insert CSS selector after {{* and close it with }}. See example below:

In this case, I’m adding a name of a logged in user.


Now scroll down on the same page and find Personalization settings tab. Check Personalize popup with data on site.


After it’s done, set up your Targeting options.

This is how your popup may look like now:

Note that this piece of text will be blank if data will be missing.