How to Integrate Picreel With Google Analytics


Integrating Picreel popups with Google Analytics allows you to track the performance of your popup campaigns in real time. This feature lets you see how many people view, click on, and convert through your popups, giving you valuable insights into their effectiveness.


NOTE: Before you proceed with the integration, make sure your campaigns are active.


Use case: 

An e-commerce website uses Picreel popups to offer special discounts to first-time visitors. By integrating these popups with Google Analytics, the website can track how many visitors saw the popup, clicked on it, and made a purchase, helping to refine and improve the campaign for better results.


Benefits of integrating Picreel with Google Analytics


  1. Understand Your Audience: Gain deeper insights into who your website visitors are and how they interact with your popups.
  2. Monitor Performance: Easily track views, clicks, and conversions directly from Google Analytics.
  3. Optimize Campaigns: Use data to tweak and improve your popup campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.


Before integrating your GA4 account with Picreel, you must set up your GA4 account. Learn more to set up your GA 4 account. 

After your Google Analytics account is set up, connect it with Google Tag Manager. Learn more to set up the Google Analytics 4 Property with Google Tag Manager.


To Integrate Your Picreel Popup With Google Analytics


Step 1: Activate Integration in Picreel

  • On the dashboard, click on the 'Integration' section.
  • Find the Google Analytics toggle and turn it on.


ga toggle


Step 2: Configuring Google integration 


  • Enter your GA4 property's Measurement ID in the designated field. This ID starts with "G-" and can be found in your Google Analytics account under Admin > Data Streams > [Your Property].
  • Select the targeted campaign from the list.  


enter GA code and select campaign


Once you select the preferences, close the integration window.


To find the MEASUREMENT ID, navigate to your Google Analytics account under Admin > Data Streams for the relevant property.


Note: Review the data in your Google Analytics account and adjust your Picreel campaigns to ensure the integration functions as expected.


You have now successfully integrated the Picreel campaign with Google Analytics. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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