How to Connect Picreel With Marketo


Connect Picreel with Marketo to leverage marketing automation and improve customer experience with proven insights about customer activity.


You can connect Picreel with Marketo. After successful integration, all emails saved in the Picreel system will be automatically redirected to Marketo.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with Marketo:


1. Organize your collected emails in Marketo

2. Get valuable insights about customer activity

3. Execute email campaigns, generate leads, and improve your conversion rate


To connect Picreel with Marketo:


Step 1: Go to ‘Leads’ on the dashboard and click ‘Mail Apps.’


Step 2: Select ‘Marketo’ in the popup window that appears.



Step 3: In the Picreel integration window, enter your Marketo’ Client ID,’ ‘Client Secret,’ and ‘Tag.’ If you need help finding these values, keep reading the article.


Step 4: Click ‘Assign’ to save all your leads automatically.


Step 5: Click the ‘Save’ button.



To find your Marketo Client ID, Client Secret, and Tag:


Step 1: Go to the admin area of your Marketo account.


Going to Admin area


Step 2: Click on the ‘Users & Roles’ section on the left panel. Then, switch to ‘Roles’ in the upper menu.


Going to User & Roles


Step 3: Create a new role and check ‘Access API.’


Creating a new role


Step 4: Create an API user and connect it with the API role you created in the previous step. You can do so by checking the ‘API role’ and ‘API only ‘checkboxes at the time of user creation.


Creating an API user


Step 5: Now, you’ll need to create a custom integration. Go to the ‘Admin’ area again and click ‘LaunchPoint’ to create a new service.


Custom Integration


Step 6: Choose ‘Custom’ as the ‘Service’ type, fill in the Display Name, Description, and the user email address created in step 4.


Creating a new service


Step 7: Finally, click on the ‘View Details’ link on the grid to get the Client Id and Client Secret. Paste these values into the Picreel integration window.


Getting Client ID and Client Secret


Step 8: In the left menu, select ‘Web Services.’ The set of symbols after https:// is your Tag. Check out the screenshot below.


Copying the Tag


You can check this article for more details.


You have successfully connected Picreel with Marketo.



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