How to Manage Existing Pop-up Campaigns


Picreel enables you to manage all your active & inactive pop-up marketing campaigns effortlessly.


Use Case:

An e-commerce company specializing in home decor aims to leverage Picreel pop-up campaigns to maximize conversions and sales during the upcoming holiday season.


By managing campaigns effectively, you can:


1. Keep your account neat

2. Focus on well-performing pop-up campaigns


To Manage Existing Campaigns


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard

  • Here, you can manage all your pop-up campaigns and set the view in List or Grid format.


campaign dashbaord overview


Step 2: You can perform the following actions on this page:

  • You may change the status of a campaign by clicking on the arrow next to the play/pause icon.




Note: Only pop-ups with the ‘enabled’ status will display on your website pages.
  • You can also take bulk action on your campaigns, i.e., change the status of multiple campaigns at once by clicking on the checkbox.




  • You can filter campaigns based on their status by clicking "All Campaigns."


campaigns listing


  • You can select the option to edit the design, copy, or delete your campaign. In addition, you can easily modify your targeting settings. Lastly, you can send leads to an email address by clicking on "Email."


options for popup campaign


Note: Picreel moves a campaign to the Archive list when you delete it 

deleting a campaign

To restore the campaign, you can filter "Archived" campaigns and click the Restore icon to undo your action.

archived campaigns dasbhboard overview


  • You can sort campaigns by their names or date modified.




That is all about managing all your existing campaigns in Picreel. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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