How to Connect Picreel With ActiveCampaign


Connecting Picreel with ActiveCampaign saves your time and efforts by automating your marketing campaigns to ease the complexity of integration.


It provides profitable insights about collected lead data to retain existing visitors and reduce cart abandonment.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with ActiveCampaign:

  • It is a comprehensive tool with multiple features, from template designs to automating your campaigns

  • It provides easy segmentation of your email list to grow more conversions

  • It has a well-designed user interface with guided pointers


Step 1: Log in to your picreel account.


Step 2: Go to ‘Leads’ in the dashboard and click on ‘Mail apps.


Navigating to Mail Apps from the Picreel Dashboard


Step 3: Under the Integrations,

  • Click on ‘ActiveCampaign,’ and a form field will pop up.

  • Enter your User ID, API key, and List ID.


Note: You can find these values in your ActiveCampaign account. See the instructions below.
  • Check ‘Live export after submit to save all your leads automatically.

  • Click on ‘Save.


Picreel and ActiveCampaign Integration Window



To get your ActiveCampaign IDs:


Step 1: Login into your ActiveCampaign account using your User ID.


Step 2: Click on your account name in the top right corner of the screen and choose ‘My Settings.


Step 3:  Choose API. Copy your API and paste it into the integration window in the Picreel account.



To find your List ID:


Step 1: Select ‘List’ from the upper menu of your account.


Step 2: Click on your list and check out the browser address bar. The ID is noted there. Paste it into the Picreel form field.


You have successfully connected Picreel with ActiveCampaign.



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