How to Integrate Picreel With Zapier


Zapier connects Picreel to more than 700 other web services. It gives you an instant notification alert for sign-up forms to manage all your leads and helps build an automated email list for easy retargeting.


Benefits of integrating Picreel with Zapier:

1. Gives you alert notifications for the new leads generation

2. Lets you track user actions and events

3. Automatically exports all your lead info into the sheets


To integrate Picreel with Zapier:


Step 1: Log in to your Zapier account and click on "Create Zap."


Signing into Zapier account


Step 2: In the Trigger section, search for "Picreel" and select it.


Searching Picreel


Step 3: After adding Picreel in the Trigger section, click on "Continue."


Adding add and event


Step 4: Sign in to your PIcreel account.


Signing into Picreel


Step 5: Click on "Continue" to set Picreel as a trigger.


Setting up a trigger


Step 6: After setting Picreel as a trigger, click on "Test trigger" to check if it is set or not.


Testing the trigger event


Step 7: Click on "Continue."


Testing the trigger


Step 8: Search for the app you want to integrate with Picreel.


Choosing an app to integrate with Picreel


Step 9: Select the "Action Event" and click on "Continue."


Selecting an action event


Step 10: Sign in to the app for trigger action.


Signing in the app


Step 11: Fill in the required fields and click on "Test & continue."


Filling the required fields


Step 12: A message will be displayed to you if the test action is successful. Now click on "Turn on Zap."


Completing the integration of Picreel with Zapier


You have successfully integrated Picreel with Zapier.



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