How to Integrate Picreel With Zapier


Create high-quality lead generation popups and send data seamlessly to apps we do not integrate with natively. You can export campaign data to third-party services, such as Sendy, Mailchimp, and many more, through Zapier integration. All you need to do is create Zap.


Set up Picreel as your trigger application to perform an action in the other app.


A great example of using Zapier would be mapping campaign data to your Sendy account through Zap. Suppose your popup campaign collects the email of visitors. It will automatically trigger an action to update a list in your Sendy account.


Benefits of integrating Picreel with Zapier:


  • Connect Picreel with 700+ web apps if there is no native integration of Picreel with those third-party services

  • Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows to save time and boost efficiency


To connect Picreel with third-party services through Zapier, follow these steps:


Set Up the Export of Campaign Data to Zapier


First, you have to configure the export of campaign data from within the Picreel.


Step 1: Go to “Leads” on the left panel and select “Mail Apps.


Go to Leads and select Mail Apps


Step 2: Search Zapier to configure the data export and follow the screenshot instructions


  1. Choose a campaign whose data you wish to export.

  2. Add a tag for easy identification.

  3. Click Assign

  4. Check “Export to Zapier service.


Export Campaign Data to Zapier


Note: You can wish to hide leads after exporting them to Zapier. Check “Hide leads after export.


Once done, click Save.


Create Zap

The Trigger


Step 1: Log in to your Zapier account.


If you do not already have one, create a new account.

Step 2: Click “Create Zap” on the left panel.


Set up a new Zap


Step 3: On the next page, choose the app. Search “Picreel” and select it from the typeahead field.


Step 4: Now, choose the event for your trigger. Here, it will be “New Lead.” It will start the Zap. Click Continue.


Choose app & select an event to trigger the action


Step 5: Next, connect your Picreel account from which you want to export lead data. Click Sign in, and a new window opens.


Sign in to your Picreel account from which you want to source data


Step 6: Paste the API key from your Picreel account to set up the connection.


Navigate to the profile icon in the top right and click Account Settings. Locate the API key under Profile Details.


Enter API key to finish the connection


Step 7: Click Continue to proceed to the setup part.

Step 8: To set up your trigger, choose the campaign whose data you wish to export to Zapier. Click Continue


.Choose the campaign from the list you selected within Picreel whose data you want to export to Zapier


Step 9: The last step is to test the trigger. Click “Test Trigger.


After the test is successful, you can proceed to the next section.


Test the trigger to verify the integration is working fine


The Action


An action is an event the Zap will perform after the trigger.


Here, you can choose any third-party service, such as Slack or Mailchimp, to send your new leads data.


The steps are the same as setting up the trigger.


Set up the action


Once done, you can “Publish Zap” to make it live.


You have successfully integrated Picreel with Zapier.



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