Zapier connects Picreel to more than 700 of other web services. It's done through automated connections called Zaps. These are set up in minutes. No coding.

Each Zap has one app as the **Trigger**, where your information comes from and which causes one or more **Actions** in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.

To integrate with Zapier, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Zapier account. Click to create a new Zap. 

2. Use the search bar to find Picreel as a Trigger App. 

3. Follow Zapier interface to connect the Trigger and any Action Apps. If you need help or inspiration, read more here:

4. To activate this connection, go to Picreel -> Leads section. 

Click Export to CRMs.

Select Zapier

Paste your API key from Account Settings. Click on your email at the top of the screen to get there. 

Check the boxes in the integration window. Hit Save


You can also use a quick Zap configuration below.