To send your leads to HubSpot, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Leads category on the left side of your screen. There you can find emails entered via pop-ups.

2. Click the Export to CRMs button and select HubSpot in the pop-up window that appears.


3. Enter your Portal ID and Form ID. You can find these values using your HubSpot account. See the instruction below.

4. Check Live export after submit to save all your leads automatically.

5. Click Save.


Getting the Portal ID and Form ID in your HubSpot account.

To get your HubSpot IDs, follow these steps:

1. Login to your HubSpot account.

2. If you want to send your new leads in real time to HubSpot, you need to create form. Please, click Contacts at the top. Choose Forms.


3. Click Create new form on the top right side of the screen.

4. Enter the name of your form, and manage the necessary fields.

5. Navigate to the Embed category. There you will see the snippet code. Scroll it down and find “portalld” and “formId”. These are your Portal ID and Form ID, respectively.

6. Next, return to Picreel account and paste the values in the HubSpot integration window. See the example below: 
7. Click Save.


If you need to connect to only one specific campaign, please, consider the following:

1. Open your HubSpot integration window in Picreel account (just like it's shown on the screenshot above).

2. Below the Portal ID and Form ID, there is a dropdown menu. Choose, the campaign that you want to connect:

3. In the Tag field, you need to indicate your Portal ID and Form ID in this way: portalid:formid. So, copy your Portal ID in the field. Then, put a colon. And, paste your Form ID. No spaces.

4. Click Assign.

5. Click Save.