How to Integrate Picreel With Slack


Connecting Picreel with Slack sends you an instant notification whenever you collect a new lead from Picreel. The automated process saves your time to focus more on your marketing campaigns.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with Slack:


1. Get real-time notifications to stay updated with your prospects

2. Streamline your workflows to maximize your productivity

3. Hassle-free coordination with your team to optimize


To connect Picreel with Slack:


Step 1: Log in to your Picreel account.


Step 2: Go to ‘Leads’ on the dashboard, and click on ‘Mail Apps.


picreel leads


Step 3: In the integrations window


  • Search “Slack” in the search bar.

  • Select the Campaign Name, enter the Channel name and Webhook URL, and click Add button.




The added campaign will look like this 


picreel integration window


Step 4: Click “Save” to apply the changes.


If you want to add more campaigns, repeat Step 3.


To get the Webhook URL: 


 Step 1: Log in to your Slack account, and go to "Browse Slack > Apps."


browse apps in slack


NOTE:  You need to add the Incoming Webhooks to your Slack account before accessing the webhook URL.


Step 2:  Select  "Incoming WebHooks"  and click Configuration. A new window will open.


webhook configuration


Step 3: Switch to Configuration and click the edit icon.


edit webhook configuration


Step 4: Navigate to Integration settings, and copy the Webhook URL.



webhook URL



That is all about integrating Picreel campaigns with Slack.




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