How to Integrate Picreel With Slack


Connecting Picreel with Slack sends you an instant notification whenever you collect a new lead from Picreel. The automated process saves your time to focus more on your marketing campaigns.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with Slack:


1. Get real-time notifications to stay updated with your prospects

2. Streamline your workflows to maximize your productivity

3. Hassle-free coordination with your team to optimize


To connect Picreel with Slack:


Step 1: Log in to your Picreel account.


Step 2: Go to ‘Leads’ on the dashboard, and click on ‘Mail Apps.


Navigating to Mail Apps from Picreel dashboard


Step 3: Under Integrations,

  • Click on ‘Slack.

  • Enter Webhook Url and Channel name.

  • Select a campaign.

  • Click on ‘Assign.


Step 4: Click on ‘Save.


Picreel-Slack Integration Window



To get the Webhook URL:


Step 1: In your Slack account, open ‘Menu’>> ‘Apps.


Opening Apps in your Slack account


Step 2: Search for ‘Incoming WebHooks.


Adding Incoming Webhooks configuration


Step 3: Click ‘Add Configuration.’ Now click ‘Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.


Adding incoming WebHooks Integration


Your WebHook URL will show up on the next page.


Copying and pasting the Webhook URL in the Picreel-Slack Integration Window


Step 4: Copy it and paste it into your Picreel integration window.


When the integration is set, you’ll see notifications in Slack when you get new leads collected by Picreel.


That is all about integrating Picreel with Slack.



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