How to Integrate Picreel with Pabbly


Integrate Piceel with Pabbly to automate leads captured through Picreel Popup to the Pabbly account. By integrating these platforms, you can manage your subscriber list, send them email campaigns, and track performance metrics.


Here’s how the captured lead appears in your Pabbly account:


leads captured in pabbly


Integrating Picreel with Pabbly offers numerous benefits, including automated lead capture, streamlined email marketing campaigns, and enhanced ability to track and analyze performance metrics. 


To Integrate Picreel with Pabbly 


Step 1: In your dashboard, navigate to “Integrations.” Locate 'Pabbly' in the list and enable the integration by toggling the switch next to it.


pabbly integration option in picreel


A screen overlay will appear. You’ll need the bearer token of your Pabbly account to initiate the integration process.


pabbly integration window


To Get The Bearer Token


1Sign in to your Pabbly account.


2. Go to 'Integrations,' then select 'Developer API' from the dropdown options.


3.  Copy the bearer token displayed on the screen.


pabbly bearer token


Step 3: Configuring the Integration


  • With the bearer token copied, return to the Picreel integration screen overlay.

  • Paste the Bearer Token into the designated field and click 'Save.'

  • Select your subscriber list from the dropdown menu to specify where your leads from Picreel should be directed.

  • Choose the targeted campaign for which you want to capture leads.

  • After configuring the settings, close the screen overlay to finalize the integration.


benefit bullets


You have successfully set up the Picreel integration with Pabbly. And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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