How to Add Picreel Snippet Code via Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager simplifies code-editing tasks and enables the marketing team to add/update website tags – including javascript code snippets for site analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing.


By adding the Picreel snippet code via GTM, you can:

  1. Measure traffic and website behavior easily

  2. Improve targeting of your offers/promotions

  3. Integrate GTM with Google Analytics hassle-free to track events, page views, & perform cross-domain tracking


Here’s what the Picreel popup would look like on your site:



To add Picreel snippet code via Google Tag Manager:


Step 1: In your Google Tag Manager account,

  • Navigate to ‘Container’ in the upper menu.

  • Click ‘Tags’ to the left.


Google Tag Manager Account


Step 2:

  • Click ‘New'.

  • Choose ‘Custom HTML Tag’.

  • Press ‘Continue’.


Click to add a custom tag


Step 3:

  • Paste Picreel code in the 'Configure Tag' box

  • Press ‘Continue.


Copy & Paste the Picreel Snippet Code in the Box


Step 4:

  • Select 'All Pages' to enable Picreel to work on all pages of your website.

  • You can also enable it on specific pages by selecting 'Some Pages.'

  • When it's all set, click 'Create Tag.'

Step 5: Give a good name to the new tag and 'Publish' it.



Now, when you install the code of your Google Tag Manager, Picreel will be installed as well.


Installing Picreel along with Google Tag Manager



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