How to Set up Pop-up Campaign for a Specific Cookie


Picreel allows you to target visitors based on cookies and maximize the impact of your website overlays.


Benefits of setting up pop-up campaigns for a specific cookie:


1. Control the display frequency of overlays

2. Personalize the user experience based on cookies


Here’s an example of what a pop-up for a specific cookie would look like:


Preview of a personalized pop-up based on user's activity


To set up a pop-up campaign for a specific cookie:


Step 1: In your Picreel account, go to 'Campaigns' on the left side of your screen.


Step 2: Click on 'Settings' of the campaign you wish to edit.


Navigating to the Target Settings page of a campaign


Step 3: After choosing a URL, click 'Other options' and scroll down to Cookie targeting.


Enabling Cookie Targeting under Campaign Settings


Step 4: You may choose to show or hide an overlay when cookies are present on your website. Just enter the name of a cookie in the Cookie name field.


Step 5: You may also set an optional parameter Cookie value to show or hide an overlay if a cookie has been already set up. You may leave this field blank. In this case, the value of a cookie is ignored.


For example, you set to show an overlay when there's a cookie named "some_cookie" with a value "1". An overlay is not displayed unless a cookie named "some_cookie" on your site has a value of "1".


Step 6: Click 'Save.'


Need another example?


Let’s say you have 6 cookies with such names:

1) prospect_signed_in

2) prospect_not_signed_in

3) returning_registered_with_order

4) returning_registered_without_order

5) returning_non_registered

6) new_unknown


And, you have six different campaigns.

Make sure you show different campaigns to different users (depending on what cookie they get).


Navigate to targeting options and choose the cookie option.

In ‘Show on this cookie,’ fill the empty fields:


1) Cookie name - prospect_signed_in

2) Cookie compare - =

3) Cookie value - set the value or just leave it empty


That is all about setting up a pop-up campaign for a specific cookie.



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