How to Set up Pop-up Campaign for a Specific Cookie


Learn how to target website visitors using cookies for more effective pop-up campaigns with Picreel and control the timing and content of overlays tailored to individual user experiences.


Use Case: Imagine you have multiple website visitors with different behaviors, and you want to display custom pop-up messages to each of them based on their cookie data.


Benefits of setting up pop-up campaigns for a specific cookie:


  1. Control Pop-Up Display Frequency: Set specific rules to control when your overlays appear, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience.

  2. Personalized User Experience: Tailor pop-up content based on a visitor's cookie data, providing a more relevant and engaging interaction.


Here’s an example of what a pop-up for a specific cookie would look like:


Preview of a personalized pop-up based on user's activity


To Set up a Pop-up Campaign for a Specific Cookie


Step 1: Accessing Campaign Settings


  • Log in to your Picreel dashboard and click the ‘Campaigns’ tab on the side panel. Navigate to the campaign and click "Settings." 
  • Select the campaign you want to set up overlays for and click "Settings."


accessing campaign settings


Step 2:  After selecting your campaign, navigate to 'Other options.' Scroll down to find 'Cookie targeting.'


cookie taregetin option


Step 3: Set Up Cookie Rules

  • To show or hide an overlay when certain cookies are present, enter the cookie's name in the "Cookie name" field.


Step 4: Optional Cookie Value (Advanced)

  • Optionally, set a cookie value for more precise control.
  • Leave the "Cookie value" field blank to disregard the cookie's value.
  • For example, display an overlay only when the "some_cookie" has the value "1."


Step 5: Save Your Settings

  • After configuring your cookie rules, click 'Save' to apply them.


Example: Suppose you have six different cookies with the following names:

  1. prospect_signed_in
  2. prospect_not_signed_in
  3. returning_registered_with_order
  4. returning_registered_without_order
  5. returning_non_registered
  6. new_unknown


You also have six separate campaigns. Ensure each user sees the right campaign based on their cookie. Navigate to targeting options and select the cookie option. For instance:


  • Cookie name: prospect_signed_in
  • Cookie compare: =
  • Cookie value: Leave it empty or set it to your desired value.


You've successfully set up a pop-up campaign targeting specific cookies for a more personalized user experience. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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