How to Configure Overlay Timing & Triggers



You can configure the exact time or event that you want your offer to appear by editing the trigger on the campaign. Note: if you are in the campaign creation process, you will be taken through this process automatically. This instruction is to assist in editing the triggers for an existing campaign.

To edit the triggers of your campaign, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Campaigns category on the left side of your screen.

2. Click Targeting of the campaign you wish to edit.

3. Choose When Overlay Appears.

4. Select Trigger options.



The below image illustrates the options for triggering the offer. There are four triggers that you can configure on a campaign, exit triggers, delay triggers, scrolling triggers and click triggers.

Here is a description of each::

  1. On Exit, which displays your widget when visitors are about to abandon your website.  

  2. After ‘X’ second(s), which shows an offer after visitors have spent the specified time on a designated page.

  3. After scrolling down ‘X’ percent, an offer is enabled only after the web page is scrolled down past a designated point.

On click, which triggers an offer when visitors click on a specific element or feature within a specific page of your site. This feature is enabled by indicating the CSS selector of an element.  When visitors click the element, they will see an overlay.



To enable multiple triggers within one campaign, switch the status of each from active to inactive.

It is important to note that multiple trigger options can be enabled at the same time. For example, the settings on the screenshot above displays an overlay if: a visitor exits a website, or stays on it for 5 seconds, or scrolls down for more than 30%, or clicks on a link with a selector .



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