Re-direct existing subscribers

Redirect visitors who subscribe repeatedly to a custom URL

It’s great to have a popup that collects emails of your web visitors. A popup grabs every email and sends it to your customer database. This is how you grow your lists. Magic!

However…what happens to a visitor, who leaves an email on your popup, but already exists in your CRM? You may thing “Wait, I already have this guy in my list. This conversion has zero benefit for me!”.

What if you could redirect such duplicate subscribers to some landing page, special offer, or any other custom URL?

It’s easier than you think with Picreel popups!


Redirecting duplicate subscribers to a better place

Get to the Targeting page of your campaign. It’s step three if you’re creating a new campaign. Or hit Targeting next to your campaign when you’re looking at it from the Campaigns section.

Scroll down until you see the Personalization tab.  Check Redirect visitors to a custom URL, if they’ve already submitted their emails in your popup. Then, paste your custom URL in a field that appears below.

Hit Save and it’s done.

Now a visitor can leave an email in your popup once. And if he/she will ever subscribe again, they’ll be redirected to your custom URL.