How to Create a Popup Campaign in Picreel


Picreel helps you increase website conversions and inbound leads by 15-300%, thus providing a high return on investment. The highly customizable popups guarantee a boost in conversion rates, leads & sales by popping up just at the right time, based on your preferences.


Check out the video guide to create a popup campaign in Picreel.



Did you skip the video? No worries, let's learn it step-by-step.


What are Popup Campaigns?


A popup campaign is a delightful way to increase conversions by triggering a popup at the right time for the right user to encourage them to act.


Businesses can rely on Picreel popup campaigns to boost conversions & inbound leads.


With Picreel popup campaigns, you can:

  1. Engage & convert visitors into buyers by promoting your best deals

  2. Optimize your website with exit popup & exit survey software

  3. Reduce cart abandonment

  4. Improve popup performance with testing & analytics

  5. Boost leads or sales from your existing traffic


Here's an example of a popup campaign:


Picreel Popup Campaign Overview


To create a popup campaign in Picreel:


Step 1: Get Started


  • Sign up for a new Picreel account. 
  • Upon signup, you'll be directed to create your first Campaign. Choose to start from scratch or select from our pre-made templates for a quick setup.


Picreel first campaign set up screen


Here, we will continue setting up our Campaign. 


Step 2: Design Your Campaign


  • You have the option to either create a brand-new campaign from scratch or modify an existing overlay template. In this instance, we've opted for a pre-built website overlay to customize.
  • Next, you'll be directed to the Picreel Campaign Builder screen.
  • In the Picreel Campaign Builder, enter a name for your Campaign, adjust the layout, add elements, and customize the design. Feel free to explore various design options to match your brand best.


campaign builder


Step 3: Target Your Campaign


  • Specify the target website URL for your popups and fine-tune other overlay settings.


Setting up targeting of your campaign


Once satisfied with your settings, click Save to finalize your Campaign.


Step 4: Add Code Snippet


Installing the Picreel JavaScript (JS) on your website is the last step to finish setting up your Campaign. 


  • Navigate to Install Campaign and copy the provided JavaScript (JS) code. Paste this code into your website's source code as instructed. For detailed guidance, refer to our complete code installation guide.


As you are using Picreel for the first time, you will have to install the Picreel code on your website to ensure your campaigns get displayed to the visitors. Check our complete guide here.


Add Code Snippet


  • Select the "Specific Campaign" tab to copy the code for a particular campaign.



The popup will start showing up on your website based on the targeting settings. Visit our Support Center if you encounter any difficulties or have questions.



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