How to Send Collected Lead Data to URL


Picreel lets you send collected emails and other data to a URL after visitors convert from a pop-up.


Here's what the URL will look like after you enable the settings to send the collected lead data to the URL:



To send collected data to URL:


Step 1: In your Picreel account, Go to Campaigns>>Edit to open the 'Edit Design' section.


Step 2: Click 'Options' on the left panel and choose 'Redirect' under 'Select action after event.'


Step 3: Check' Pass lead data to redirect URL' when you're pasting a link to redirect.


Enabling the settings to pass lead data to redirect URL


Note: You can only enable this setting when you choose to open a redirect link either in the (1) Same tab and window or (2) New Window. If you choose to open the redirect URL in a New Tab, you won't see this feature.

Now, leads will be redirected to a link like


That is all about sending collected lead data to the URL.



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