How to Integrate Picreel with BigCommerce


Connecting Picreel with BigCommerce creates a new customer with additional contact details in your BigCommerce database whenever a lead is generated in Picreel.


Benefits of connecting Picreel with BigCommerce:


1. Responsive content for better user experience

2. Secure integration with a dedicated SSL certificate

3. Unlimited API calls for instant data transfer

4. Valuable insights from real-time customer action


To connect Picreel with BigCommerce:


Step 1: Log in to your Bigcommerce account here:


Step 2: Find the Picreel application via this extension link:


Step 3: Click on the application to install it. You will be redirected to the Picreel campaign setup.


Step 4: Enter the campaign name and base URL or website where the pop-up should appear. Choose 'BigCommerce' in the Select platform field. Click Next Step.


Select platform field. Click Next Step.


Step 5: Create a template. You will get the JavaScript code to insert. You can find it by clicking on the 'Campaigns' category on the left side of your dashboard. Then, click on 'Details' next to the campaign you wish to set up. Below the 'General Stats' area of the page, you can find your JavaScript snippet code. Copy the code.


Step 6: Go to the dashboard of your BigCommerce store and click 'Storefront' on the left side of the screen. Please, see the screenshot below.


Going to Script manager


Step 7: Click on 'Script Manager.' Choose 'Create a script' on the right side of the screen. Enter the script name and fill in the information as is shown in the screenshot:


Creating a script


After filling in the details, click 'Save' at the bottom right. Your script will be created as shown below:


Script is created

To check your BigCommerce integration:


Step 1: Go to your website and check if the popup is displayed


Step 2: Log in to your Picreel account.


Step 3: Click on the 'Campaigns' category on the left side of your screen.


Step 4: Click the 'Details' link of the campaign you wish to set up. Check the statistics section. If you can see the impressions – your popup has started to run.


That is all about integrating Picreel with BigCommerce.



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