“One button” overlay in the Upload Design

Using Picreel’s Upload Design editor, you can easily upload your own image, or you have the option to select between Picreel’s ready-made templates.

*Available image formats: PNG, JPG; Size: 800x500 px (Image will be auto-resized if different)

You can create “One Button” template by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Picreel account.

  2. Choose the Upload Design, when you select an overlay.

  3. Click the Upload Image button to upload a custom image from your computer or choose from our free designs on the Select design dropdown box. Your selected image should appear on the screen. Click the Next Step> button.

Two boxes will appear on your screen. The Green box (labeled Redirect Button) represents your template’s “Submit” button – which will be the one users can click in order to be brought to another page. The Red box (labeled Cancel Button) represents your template’s “Cancel” button – which will close the pop-up. You can disable the Cancel area by ticking off the Show Cancel Area checkbox.

  1. Drag the green box and the red box to the area of the template that you wish to use as a Submit button and a Cancel button respectively. You can resize the boxes using the arrow on its lower left corner. Your screen/template should look something like the one shown below. Once you’re done, click on the Next Step> button.

  1. Type in the link to which your “Submit” button should redirect visitors. Click the Create button.

  1. To see your newly created template, you will be redirected to the Available Templates screen. Click the Preview button beside the name and status of the template you want to view. The preview should pop-up on your screen. 

Congratulations! You’ve now created your “One Button” template.