How to Analyze Specific Campaign Stats & Export Them as CSV


Picreel allows you to analyze key stats related to your pop-up campaigns with just a click. This way, you can enable/disable them based on their performance.


Moreover, you can export statistics as a CSV file to create reports and share them with other stakeholders.


By analyzing the statistics of multiple campaigns, you can:


1. Single out the least performing campaign and disable It on your site

2. Boost the top-performing campaign on other pages of your site


Here’s what the statistics page of a Picreel pop-up campaign would look like:


Analyzing Pop up statistics


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to analyze stats of multiple campaigns

2. How to export Picreel’s campaign statistics to a CSV file


How to Analyze Stats of Multiple Campaigns


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to the ‘Campaigns’ section from the dashboard.

  • Click on the ‘Reports’ icon of any campaign.


Navigating to the Reports section of a campaign


You will see the following statistics for your campaign:


Analyzing Pop up statistics


You can filter data by day, week, or month.


In the General Stats area, you can see:

  • Impressions – how many times your exit pop-up is displayed

  • Conversions – how many visitors clicked on the exit pop-up/left email

  • Conversion rate - the percentage of website visitors who clicked/entered email on your exit pop-up.


Note that the conversion rate depends on the number of your website visitors, exciting offers for your customers, and an eye-catching template.

Experiment with your templates, and do A/B testing to get maximum results.


How to Export Picreel’s Campaign Statistics to a CSV File


The results from your campaigns can be easily downloaded and exported to a CSV file.


Step 1: To export the data to a CSV file,

  • Click Campaigns on the left panel of your screen.

  • Click the Reports icon of any campaign you’re interested in exporting data from.

  • On the right side of the page, click Export > Stats CSV. The file will be downloaded automatically.


Export pop up statistics to CSV


That is all about analyzing multiple campaigns’ campaign statistics and exporting report data of a particular campaign to a CSV file.



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