You can send your collected leads to SalesKing automatically. To set up integration with this CRM, follow these steps:


1. In your Picreel account click on the Leads category on the left side of your screen.

2. Click the Export to CRMs button and select SalesKing in the popup window that appears.



3. Enter your sub-domain ID. Your sub-domain is the link that you use to login into your SalesKing account (e.g. Then, hit Connect. You will be redirected to another page, where you have to log in and accept API terms.



4. Check Live export after submit to save all your leads automatically.

5. Click Save.


When the integration is ready, the leads that you capture will be sent into the Leads section in SalesKing.



Please, note that you must collect at least name, last name, and email to pass the leads into SalesKing. Make sure your Picreel overlay has all the three fields at least. 


These fields should be named in the HTML section of the overlay, like below: 

-name should be "name"

-last name is "last_name"

-email should be set to "email"



The HTML section of the overlay can be accessed in the upper menu in the editor. Read more in Advanced Modification in this article