The leads, which are collected using Picreel overlays, can be automatically sent to Marketo. Marketo is a marketing automation platform with many business solutions. 


In order to connect Picreel and Marketo, follow these instructions:

1.In the left menu, navigate to Leads and choose Export to CRMs.

2.In the popup window enter the following parameters: Client ID, Client Secret, and Tag. Please, read below where to get these parameters. 

3. Then, choose a certain campaign in the dropdown box, and indicate Tag. Press Assign. 

4. When you're done with the settings, check Live export after submit. 

5. Click Save. 


Finding the required parameters in Marketo:

1.Navigate to the admin area of Marketo. 



2.Click on the Users & Roles in the left menu. Choose to create a new role. Make sure you allow API access. 




3.Now you need to create an API only user and associate it with the API role that you created in step 2. Navigate to Users tab and click Invite New User. Make sure you check API settings. 



4.In the left menu, select LaunchPoint. Choose to create a new service. 



5.Choose Custom Service, provide the Display Name, Description and the user email created in step 3.



6. Click on View Details link to get the Client Id and Client Secret. Paste these into the Picreel integration window. 




7. Navigate to Web Services in the left menu. Your Tag is noted here. Paste it into the Picreel integration window. 



You can read more about finding these values in the help section of Marketo