You can connect Picreel to Act-on. This is a marketing automation platform. If you integrate Picreel and Act-on, all leads that are collected by Picreel will be sent to Act-on automatically!


Please, follow these steps to connect: 

1.When you're in your Picreel account, click on Leads on the left side of your account. 

2.Click on Export to CRMs. Then, find the tab saying Act-on. 



3.Hit the button Connect to Act-on. You will be redirected to their site. You need to authorize Picreel there by clicking Authorize app and logging in into your Act-on account. 



When that's done, you'll be redirected back to Picreel. If you did everything right, you'll see Connected Successfully in the integration window. 



4.Now the only thing that is left is to indentify your list id of Act-on. Login into your Act-on account. Navigate to Contacts. Then, click Marketing Lists. 



You should see your created lists on this page. 


5.Find the list where you'd like to see Picreel leads. Right click on it and select Inspect. You'll see the code below. 



Find in the code 'data-id='. The set of letters and numbers right after it is your Act-on list id. Check the screenshot above. Copy this set of data. 


6.Paste your Act-on list id in Picreel integration window. 



And don't forget to check Live export after submit. 


7.Click Save. 


Now, when your visitors enter thier emails, names, and other data in Picreel pop ups, it will automatically appear in your Act-on list. 


Also, you can assign some specific Picreel campaign to send the leads to Act-on.

1.Select a campaign in the dropdown menu in the integration window.

2.Paste list id where the leads should be sent. 

3.Click Assign. 

4.Save the changes -- hit Save. 



Please, make sure that your email field in Act-on is named Email, but not E-mail Address.