To integrate with Zapier, follow these steps:


1. Login into your Zapier and Picreel accounts.

2. In your Picreel account click on the Leads category on the left side of your screen. Then, click the Export to CRMs button and select Zapier in the popup window that appears. Make sure Export to Zapier service is NOT checked.

3. Click Make A Zap in your Zapier account. 

4. Start typing "picreel" and select Picreel app. 



5. Click Save+Continue on the next step. This way you select to run this Zap, when a new lead appears in Picreel.



6. On the next step click Connect a New Account. A new window will appear. You need to enter your Picreel API there. It can be found in the Account Settings of your Picreel account. 



You can press Test in Zapier to verify if you did everything right. 


7. You'll see Set Up Options on the next step. You may select some specific Picreel campaign that will be sending leads to Zapier. 


If a campaign doesn't appear in the dropdown list, you need to activate it in Picreel Campaigns section. Only active campaigns are displayed in the list. 



In the dropdown box you see all active (not paused) campaigns that exist in your Campaigns section. If you leave this field empty, all campaigns will be sending leads to Zapier. 


8. Finally, the last step enables you to test if you connected Picreel account correctly. Make sure you have at least one lead in the Leads section of Picreel account. It should be collected with one of your active campaigns that you try to connect to Zapier. 


Now proceed with connecting any other service where you want to see Picreel leads. 


Then, return to your Picreel account.You need to open Zapier integration set up again. It can be found in the Leads section; in Export to CRMs. 


9. Check Export to Zapier service and Hide leads after export. Click Save.
Now your integration is ready.