How to Create Pop-ups That Collect Phone Numbers


Picreel lets you set up website overlays that can collect required user data, i.e., collect phone numbers, email addresses, and more. 


Benefits of creating pop-ups that collect phone numbers:


1. Build a contact list of user's phone numbers for retargeting

2. Reach out to users through an SMS (short message service)


To create a template that collects phone numbers instead of emails using the Template Editor:


Step 1: In your Picreel account, go to Campaigns>>New Campaign


Step 2: Select a pre-defined template that collects email addresses


Selecting a template to edit


Step 3: Click on 'Fields & Text.' Select 'Phone.' Also, edit the overlay text as per new requirements.


Choosing 'Phone' as the field to add on your website overlay


Step 4: Click 'Save.'

There is an alternative approach that will work in every condition,

  • Click on the HTML/CSS editor


Opening the HTML/CSS Editor


  • Change the HTML code according to your needs. In addition, in your HTML text, replace the line:  with the line:  as you can see in the example below.


Editing the HTML code to collect phone numbers using overlays


  • Click the 'Save' button to save your template. 


That is all about creating pop-ups that collect phone numbers.



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