How to Optimize Pop-up Campaigns with Picreel's A/B Testing


Picreel's A/B Testing feature enables you to compare various versions of pop-up campaigns, helping you to refine pop-up campaigns. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and analyze these tests for better clarity and understanding.

A few benefits of conducting an A/B Test of your pop-up campaigns are:


  • Identify which pop-up campaign variations most effectively attract attention and encourage user action.
  • Get valuable insights into user preferences and behavior, allowing you to tailor your strategies to meet your audience's needs more effectively.
  • Refine your website's user experience by aligning your pop-up campaigns with visitor expectations.


This is how the camping performance appears when you select the campaigns for A/B testing:


campaign performence in a-b testing


To Perform A/B testing 


Step 1: On the left side of your dashboard, look for the "A/B Testing" option. Selecting this will take you to the A/B testing section.



Step 2: Click on the dropdown list to view available campaigns.


Step 3: After selection, click the 'Add' button to include these campaigns in your A/B test.


select campaigns


Note: For A/B test, you need to select at least 2 campaigns. Also, you can only select a maximum of 5 campaigns.


Viewing Reports


To analyze the performance of individual campaigns within your A/B test, click on the report icon next to the campaign's name.


report icon


Tips for Effective A/B Testing


  • Duration of Testing: The ideal duration for a test varies based on website traffic. High-traffic sites might show significant results sooner than low-traffic ones.
  • Setting Limits: If you're planning frequent tests, it's wise to set a time limit for each to ensure they're both effective and efficient.


That is all about conducting an A/B Test of your Picreel pop-up campaign. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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