How to A/B Test Picreel’s Pop-up Campaigns


Side-by-side comparison of campaigns is critical to honing the messaging, timing, and placement of an offer. Picreel’s A/B testing section allows you to easily identify which campaigns are the most effective in reaching customers.


Getting started with A/B Testing is easy - once you have 1 campaign, you can simply copy the existing campaign and make slight changes for comparison purposes. Just be sure to make modifications to the copied campaign.


A few benefits of conducting an A/B Test of your pop-up campaigns are:

1. You can tweak different elements to see which version attracts more attention.

2. You can compare engagement analytics, such as conversion rate and signups, among others.

3. You can reduce cart abandonment by analyzing the key metrics of both versions.

4. You can enhance user experiences and boost the sales volume by resonating the brand’s value with visitors.


Here’s an overview of what the A/B test campaign results would look like:


A/B testing results preview


To perform an A/B test in your Picreel pop-up campaign:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to A/B Testing on the left side of your screen.

  • Click Add Your A/B Test to set up your first A/B Test.


Go to A/B Testing


Step 2: In the pop-up window that appears,

  • Select the campaign from the dropdown list you wish to select as Template A.


Select a Campaign for Template A


  • Choose the method to create the template B from the dropdown list.


Choose the method to create the Template B


  • Click Save, continue creating a different version of your template A, and launch your A/B Test campaign.


Note: Depending on the traffic on a site, we recommend letting a test campaign run for different durations. If you plan to test your campaigns frequently, do yourself a favor and set a time limit for your tests to ensure effective results.


To see the result of your A/B tests, click on your campaign’s ‘Reports’ icon.


Accessing results of A/B test of a pop-up campaign

That is all about conducting an A/B Test of your Picreel pop-up campaign.



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