How to Enable Website Overlays for Specific Geographic Locations


Picreel enables you to target users from specific locations with your website overlays. You can choose users of a particular country who can and can’t see your overlays.


Benefits of allowing website overlays for particular locations:


1. Design an overlay that resonates with users from a particular location

2. Improve targeting and conversion



To enable website overlays for specific locations:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to ‘Campaigns’ from the dashboard

  • Click’ View Code.


Step 2: Please, add this parameter to your code: /?geo=1. So, your code should look like this:


<script src=""//""></script>


Viewing the Javascript code of Picreel


Alternative Option

  • Once the code is installed, go to your campaign’s ‘Targeting’ page.
  • Scroll down to open Location Targeting. And choose where to show your pop-ups.


Selecting target locations for a Picreel campaign


That is all about enabling website overlays for specific geographic locations.



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