How to Enable Website Overlays for Specific Geographic Locations


Picreel's geo-targeting feature display your website overlays to visitors based on their geographic location. This means you can specifically select users of a particular country who can and can’t see your overlays. Follow this help article step-by-step to ensure correct geo-targeted campaigns. 


Use case: 

Imagine you own an e-commerce store that offers special promotions to customers in Canada. With Picreel's geo-targeting, you can create an overlay exclusively for Canadian visitors, announcing a Canada Day sale, thereby making your offers more relevant and appealing to this audience.


Benefits of allowing website overlays for particular locations:


1. Design overlays that resonate with users from a particular location

2. Improve targeting and conversion



To Enable Website Overlays For Specific Locations


Step 1: Navigate to the 'Campaigns' section from the dashboard and click "View Code."


view picreel code


Step 2: Modify the overlay script by adding the parameter "?geo=1" to the URL, ensuring it looks like this:


<script src="//"></script>


 To Set Up Advanced Location Targeting


  • Once the code is installed, go to your campaign’s ‘Targeting’ page.
  • Locate and expand the 'Location targeting' section.
  • To show overlays in specific countries, select "Show campaign in selected countries" from the dropdown menu, choose the country, and click "Add".


location targeting


Your selected country will appear in the list like this:



  • For more precise targeting, select a state within the chosen country, then click "Add" to include it.


select state


Now, the selected country with state will appear like this:




If you wish to exclude certain countries, select the "Do not show campaign in selected countries" option.


restrcit campaign




  • Script Modification: Ensure the script is correctly placed within the <head> or <body> tags of your website's HTML. Incorrect placement may affect the performance of your overlays.
  • Targeting Flexibility: Picreel allows for dynamic adjustment of your targeting settings. Feel free to experiment with different geographic targets to find what works best for your campaigns. Additionally, consider seasonal or event-based targeting for enhanced relevance.


That is all about enabling website overlays for specific geographic locations. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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