How to Create an Overlay With Several Input Fields in the Overlay Editor


Picreel lets you add multiple input fields to a website overlay with just a few clicks.


Benefits of adding several input fields:


1. Collect more data in a single go

2. Enhance your marketing campaigns by using the collected data as per the requirements


Here’s what a website overlay with multiple input fields will look like:


Preview of a website overlay with several input fields


To create a website overlay with several input fields:

Step 1: In the ‘Edit Design’ section of a campaign, click ‘Fields & Text’ to open the drop-down menu.


Step 2.1: Click on the required overlay fields you wish to add and see a live preview on the right part of your screen.


Opening the Edit Design section of a campaign


For example, when you choose ‘All three fields,’ this is what the preview will look like:


Adding multiple fields in the website overlay


You can edit the placeholder content on the left panel.

If an overlay does not have the visual option to add fields, open the HTML/CSS box.


Step 2.2: To access advanced modifications of the offered designs, please, click on HTML/CSS Editor.


Opening the HTML/CSS Editor


Here, you may add additional fields, buttons, change fonts, sizes, etc.


Adding element in the HTML/CSS editor


Note: Seek the developer’s assistance for this step

Step 3: Click ‘Save’ to finalize changes.


You have successfully created an overlay with several input fields.



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