How to Customize Overlays in the Template Editor


Picreel gives you control over customizing the look and feel of your overlay using HTML/CSS. You can change the colors of different elements of an overlay, adjust the transparency of its background, and more.


Benefits of customizing overlays in the template editor:


1. More control over customizable settings

2. Improved conversion due to enhanced overlay appearance


To change the colors and transparency of the background in the template editor:

Step 1: Open the HTML/CSS editor on the ‘Edit Design’ page. Here, you may add additional fields, buttons, change fonts, sizes, etc.


Navigating to the HTML editor in the edit section of a campaign


Step 2: Add the following snippet to the HTML window:


Adding this snippet code to the HTML editor


Step 3: Change the value field to your desired value:


Changing the default values to change the color and transparency of the background


Note: Seek the developer’s assistance for this step


Step 4: Click ‘Save’ to finalize the changes.


That is all about modifying colors and adjusting the transparency of the pop-up background using the template editor.



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