How to Create a 'Required' Field


Picreel lets you make a field mandatory for users to fill to ensure you collect relevant data through website overlays.


Benefits of making a field "required":


1. Collect essential data of the users

2. Improve conversion rates by understanding users better


Here's what creating a "required" field feature would look like:


Preview of making a field "required:



To create a “required” field:


Step 1: In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to 'Campaigns'>> 'New Campaign.'

  • Choose any template to edit.


Navigating to New Campaign from the Picreel dashboard


Step 2: Click on the HTML/CSS Editor tab in the 'Edit Design' section.


Opening the HTML/CSS Editor


Step 3: Add the "required" class to that field in the editor.


Making a field required


Note: Seek the developer's assistance for this step.
Note: The default text will be "You don't fill all the fields." If you wish to change it for a specific field in HTML/CSS editor, add an attribute data-required=" Place your text here."


Step 4: Click' Save.'


That is all about creating a "required" field in your website overlay.



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