How to Create a 'Required' Field


Learn how to make fields 'required' in Picreel to collect crucial data and boost your website's conversion rates.


Use Case: Imagine you have an online survey where you need users to provide their email addresses. Making the email field 'required' ensures you get this vital information.



  1. Collect Essential Data: By making a field 'required,' you ensure you gather the essential information for your needs.

  2. Improve Conversion Rates: Understanding your users better through required fields can enhance your website's conversion rates.


Here's what creating a "required" field feature would look like:


required fields in picreel campaign



To Create a 'Required' Field


Step 1: Editing a campaign

  • Click Campaigns in the side panel.

  • Look for the required campaign and click "Edit" corresponding to it. 


campaign dashbaord


Step 2: Make Fields Required

  • Click the downward arrow to expand the Input Fields menu.

  • Select the "Required" checkbox corresponding to the input field.


mark fields required


Step 4:  Once you've marked the field as 'required,' click "Done" to apply the changes.


You've successfully created a 'required' field for your website overlay in Picreel. Feel free to contact the support team if you encounter any issues or have any questions.



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