How to Exclude Visitors From Seeing Pop-Ups After They Clicked on a Specific URL


Picreel lets you prevent the demonstration of pop-ups to users that clicked on a specific URL. It works best to prevent users from accessing outdated information and optimize their experience.


A perfect example of this feature could be:


To exclude visitors who will see a pop-up after clicking on a URL in your newsletter.


To do this:


When you edit the code, add the parameter “&picreel_block=7” to your URL. The number in the end (i.e., “7”) identifies the number of days when the users will not see your pop-up when they click on the URL. Please, see the example below:


Adding the parameter to block pop-ups when users click on a specific URL


Note: Seek the developer's assistance for this step.


That is all about excluding visitors from seeing a pop-up when they click on a specific URL.



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