How to Exclude Pop-Ups After Users Click on a Specific URL


Learn how to prevent annoying pop-ups from displaying after users click on a particular web link, improving their browsing experience.


Use Case: You can avoid displaying a pop-up to visitors who've just clicked a link in your newsletter.



  1. Improved User Satisfaction: By excluding pop-ups on specific URLs, you create a more pleasant browsing experience for your visitors.
  2. Up-to-date Content: Prevent outdated pop-ups from frustrating returning users, ensuring that your message remains timely and relevant.


To Exclude Pop-Ups After Users Click on a Specific URL


Step 1: Identify Your Target URL

  • Determine the specific URL where you want to exclude pop-ups. For example, note down the exact web address if it's a newsletter link.


Step 2: Add the Parameter to the URL

  • Add the parameter "&picreel_block=X" to the end of your URL, where "X" represents the number of days you want to exclude the pop-up.


Adding the parameter to block pop-ups when users click on a specific URL



You have two options for implementing this change:


Option A: Do It Yourself 


If you're comfortable with the code, add the parameter yourself. Find the link you want to modify in the HTML code or your content management system and insert the parameter at the end.


Option B: Seek Developer's Assistance


If you're unfamiliar with code, consider contacting a developer or a tech-savvy colleague for help. They can quickly make this change for you.



That's it! Following these steps will ensure your pop-ups don't annoy visitors who click on specific URLs. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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