Apiant offers an easy way to connect your apps. It can connect your Picreel account to more than 15,000 apps! 


See below how easy it is to connect Picreel to Google Sheets so that every new lead gets into your Sheets automatically. 


1. Go to Apiant site and search "Picreel" in the search bar. Select it. 



2. Follow Apiants instructions:

  • choose "New lead" as a trigger
  • go to the Leads section of your Picreel account. Click the Export to CRMs button and select Webhooks. Enter the URL that Apiant provides in the URL field of Picreel's Webhooks. Check Live export after submit



  • select additional filters if needed (e.g. run only for corporate emails, skip not real emails, etc.) 

3. When you've connected your Picreel account, choose an action that should happen when Picreel gets a new lead. In this example, I chose Google Sheets. 

4. Select Google Sheet. Choose Add row to spreadsheet as a trigger. You'll be asked to connect your Google account. 

5. Then, select the file where you want to see your Picreel leads. 

6. You can map your data if needed (i.e. email will be sent to column a; name -- to column b, etc.) 



7. Don't roget to save your automation and you're ready to go! 

8. Also make sure that only Apiant connection is active in your Picreel account. Live export after submit should be checked only on Webhooks tab. 


So what should you expect from this integration? 


Now whenever you get a new lead in your Picreel Leads section, it will be automatically copied to your Google Sheets.