Use already collected data

Personalize your next popup with data you collected before

Have you ever thought about running multiple popups on your site that share information about your visitors?

Imagine a visitor on your site meets your cool popup. You ask to leave some data – name, email, and state – in return for very special offer. Maybe you send a couple of valuable emails.

Eventually, this visitor comes back to your site another day. But you don’t shoot the same popup. Your second popup displays the name and location that this visitor left in your first popup.

That’s exciting! Your visitor is surprised and happy that your message is so relevant.

Personalize your Picreel pop ups in just a few clicks. Read on to learn more.


Setting up and connecting two popups

Create your first Picreel popup. Decide what data you want to collect and add the fields to your design. See an example below:


Now you need to copy the names of these fields. Open HTML/CSS tab:

Scroll down to see the code. Find your fields and copy names of these fields. It’s easy! Name goes in “” like here: name="location" (it’s location in this case). See below:

Copied? Good. You’ll need to paste these names on your second popup.

Now create your second popup. And when you edit the text, paste the names of your fields in places where you want to use previously collected data. See below:

In Targeting options, choose to show this popup only to returning visitors. And in Personalization section, select Personalize my popup with the data I collected about visitors previously.

Now if I see your first popup, I enter my data and Picreel will display this data on the second popup if I come back next time. See below: