How to Personalize Pop-ups With Previously Collected Data


Picreel pop-up campaigns enable you to enhance the user experience by using data collected from their previous visits. You can use users' data to personalize pop-ups and connect with them, making them feel more welcomed.


Picreel pop-ups can work as an email collection tool. You can also collect phone numbers from website visitors through pop-up campaigns.


Using this feature, you can:

  1. Make a personalized offer to returning visitors

  2. Improve your chances of converting them into customers

  3. Provide them with the proper assistance


Here's what a personalized pop-up will look like:


Preview of a Picreel Pop-up using previously collected data from the user


To personalize your next pop-up using the user's name, email, or phone number collected before:


Step 1:

  • Create your first Picreel pop-up.

  • Decide what data you want to collect and add the fields to your design.


Using Picreel pop-up as an email collection tool


Step 2:

  • Open the 'HTML/CSS editor' to copy the names of these fields.


Using the HTML/CSS editor


  • Scroll down to see the code

  • Find your fields and copy the names of these fields.


Copying the field names from HTML/CSS editor for personalization


Step 3:

  • Create your second pop-up.

  • Edit the text and paste your fields' names in places where you want to use previously collected data.

  • Click 'Save.'


Creating second pop-up


Step 4:

  • In Targeting options, choose to show this pop-up only to returning visitors.

  • Select 'Personalize my pop-up with the data I collected about visitors previously' in the Personalization section.

  • Click 'Save.'


Setting targeting options


Now, when the user enters their data in the first pop-up, on returning, Picreel will display this data on the second pop-up when the user visits again.


Picreel pop-up preview with previously collected data from a user


That is all about the personalization of the Picreel pop-up campaign using the previously collected data from the user.



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