Which One Should You Use: The Overlay/Template Editor or the Upload Design


Picreel allows you to create, edit and format your overlays using its editors: the template/overlay editor and the upload design. Depending on your preferences, one of these editing tools can be helpful for you to get just the right look for your pop-ups.


Watch this video for a quick run through the differences:



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Benefits of choosing any of the available methods:


1. Coding knowledge is not necessary in one case and essential in the other to create and set up a new overlay in Picreel

2. Ideal environment for HTML/CSS coder to play around with the design if needed


Let's check the difference:

1. If you have limited knowledge of the HTML/CSS code, the drag-and-drop, click-on-a-button environment of the upload design is perfect for you.


Using the upload design


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Creating a website overlay using the upload design


2. If you have coding know-how, the overlay/template editor is perfect for creating customized banners using HTML/CSS code.


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Creating a website overlay from the scratch using HTML/CSS


That is all about choosing a method to create and set up a website overlay.



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