How to View & Export Your Leads to CSV or Excel


Learn how to view all your leads collected from different campaigns in Picreel. This article also shows you how to export your leads to a CSV or Excel file for further analysis and record-keeping.


Use Case:

Imagine you're a marketing manager at a software company running multiple lead-generation campaigns. By exporting your leads from Picreel, you can integrate this data with your CRM system to track lead interactions and conversion rates effectively. This integration allows your sales team to follow up with potential customers promptly, ultimately boosting your sales pipeline efficiency.


By exporting leads to a CSV or Excel file, you can:

1. Secure Data Storage and Reporting: Save your lead data locally for easy access and backup. Generate and share reports to analyze campaign performance and make informed decisions.

2. Enhanced Integration and Analysis: Integrate lead data with CRM systems or other business tools for better workflow automation. Perform advanced data analysis to optimize your marketing strategies.


To export leads to a CSV or Excel file:


1. In your Picreel account,

  • Navigate to Leads

  • Here, you can find all the data collected via pop-up campaigns.


Navigate to the Leads section


2. To export leads data,

  • Click CSV to open a mini window.

  • Select the duration for which you want to export leads into a CSV file.

  • Click Export to finish downloading the file.



Export leads to CSV file


3. Additional Functions-- On this page, you can:

  • Filter lead data by campaign.
  • Sort data by country, created date, or default.
  • Click the magnifier to view and delete unwanted data.


Analyze Leads data


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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