Showing overlay when visitors click on website

It is possible to set up a trigger option that shows an overlay to users who click on a specific element on your website (e.g. button, link, image, etc). In order to do so, please, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the Campaigns category on the left side of your screen.

2. Click Targeting of the campaign you wish to edit.

3. Choose When Overlay Appears. Then, Trigger options.

4. Then, indicate the CSS selector for the specific element (e.g. button, link) that should trigger an overlay.

A CSS selector is an id or class of each element on your website. An id should be used if you want to trigger an overlay for a specific element with this id. Alternatively, you may use class. In this case, an overlay is triggered by clicking on any element on your website that has this class.

Please, note that if you are using an id, you need to add “#” in the beginning (e.g. #your-element). For a class, please, add “.” in the beginning of a selector (e.g. .your-element).

For example, your element looks like this: Button for call Popup. Navigate to the On click targeting options of Picreel. In the CSS selector field type “#your-element-id” to use an id, or “.your-element-class” in order to use a class.


Note: You can use multiple ids and classes at the same time. However, keep only one id or class in one field. To add another element, click Add new.