How to Add Picreel Snippet Code via Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager simplifies code-editing tasks and enables the marketing team to add/update website tags – including javascript code snippets for site analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing.


By adding the Picreel snippet code via GTM, you can:

  1. Measure traffic and website behavior easily

  2. Improve targeting of your offers/promotions

  3. Integrate GTM with Google Analytics hassle-free to track events, page views, & perform cross-domain tracking


Here’s what the Picreel popup would look like on your site:



To add Picreel snippet code via Google Tag Manager:


Step 1: In your Google Tag Manager account,

  • Navigate to the New Tag card and click Add a new tag 

  • Alternatively, you can select Tags on the left panel and click New to create a new tag


Add a new tag in your GTM account


Step 2: You will see the following screen:


Add a new tag window


1- Add a tag name

2.1- Click the Tag Configuration card and select Custom HTML


Select Custom HTML as the tag


2.2- Copy the script tag from your Picreel account and paste it into the HTML field.


Paste the script tag


3.1- Click the Triggering card and select a trigger to add. Here, we are selecting All Pages as a trigger for our tag. Click Add to finish. 


Choose a Trigger


4- Once done, click Save to finish.


Step 3.1: After creating the tag, you must now publish it. Click Submit on the GTM dashboard. 


Click Submit


Step 3.2: Configure the submission settings. You can add a Version Name and Version Description for tracking changes. Click Publish


Publish the version


Once you've published the tag, it's time to install the GTM code to your website. 


Step 4: On the GTM dashboard, click the GTM ID and copy the code in the Install Google Tag Manager overlay. Paste the code as directed into your website HTML. 



Install Google Tag Manager


That is all about adding the Picreel snippet code via Google Tag Manager. If you are facing any issues, please contact our support team.



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