How to Create a Campaign



To create campaigns, follow these instructions:


  1. Click on the Campaigns category on the left side of your screen.

  2. Click the Add Campaign button at the top.

  3. Choose overlay type you like and edit it according to your needs. Read more about editing in this section of the knowledge base. 

  4. Insert the URL where your campaign should be active. You may apply it for the whole website by inserting the link into Apply campaign for whole site field. Alternatively, you may activate or deactivate the campaign to specific page(s) by clicking the Add url button. In the dropdown menu you may choose contain or does not contain, equal or does not equal categories.



5. Click the green arrow next to the When overlay appears to modify targeting campaign.


6. Trigger options allow you to choose when to show campaigns i.e. just before a visitors exits, when they exit or spend ‘X’ seconds on a page, when visitors scrolls down a page.

7. Impression frequency allows to choose how often the campaign is shown.

8. Click the green arrow next to the Other options to modify targeting options.



9. Returning or new visitors allows you to show the campaign to all, new, or returning visitors of your site.

10. Where visitors came from enables you to show the campaign only to visitors who landed on your site from a specific web source (e.g. search engine, referring domain).

11. Show offer only if visitor visited ‘X’ pages option allows to choose a number of pages and to show the campaign only if a visitor visited at least that number of web pages.

12. In the Device type option you may choose on which devices your campaign is displayed.

13. In the Cookie targeting option you can choose the name and purpose of specific cookie your campaign to show with.

14. Don't forget to save your campaign by clicking Save. 



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